Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tilt shift Lense test's

Well I have to admit. I am beginning to love photography more and more. Actually even cinematography more and more as well.
I just recently came back from chattanooga from wedding that my wife was singing at and my friend mike called me and told me about an ad he saw for the place I was visiting.

I have seen this technique used again and again but just now more recently hitting the mainstream. I think even nationwide is using it in their ads.

So now I thought what can I do with a little photoshop and about 2 minutes of my time. Well. Here it is.
I am going to rent the lens for a bit to shoot some promo pieces over the next month or so. so make sure you check back to see what we have created with this fun little tool.
Richard and Alisi Tilt shift


  1. Craig,
    You might like the crumple pop "Shrink Ray" plug in for FCP. I've used it for some projects.

  2. I would but I am going to do it with lenses. Nothing better then the real thing. Especially with tilt shift lenses.