Saturday, April 9, 2011


I met Derrick and Keisha in October of last year. When I saw them together for their engagement shoot, you could tell the minute that they drove up that they were in love. She would smile and then he would smile back. Fast forward 6 months later and that same smile was bigger and brighter than ever on both of them. Keisha had picked the perfect dress, the perfect friends and the perfect man to make every moment of her wedding day sparkle. When she walked down the isle, Derrick was stunned. It was AWESOME! The rain held off and we so we had a chance to head outside for their pics. The Pristine Wedding Chapel is a beautiful place. Leather couches and lush greens outside. Perfect for their wedding day. Thanks to all of you who made Derrick and Keisha's moment in time special. Even when driving away, they kept on smiling.  :)
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  1. Oh - my. These are just perfect - like, I seriously can't pick a favorite - I LOVE them all!!! Just gorgeous!

  2. AMAZING pictures!!

  3. They are all lovely pictures Craig Well Done!!