Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I know you guys have all heard how much I love Korean traditions already, but sorry.... I have to say it again!  :)  I love Korean traditions especially Chut Dol's!  Celebrating any birthday is very special to me, but celebrating a baby's 1st birthday is just too precious especially when it's Korean style.  ;)  Zenia & Phil's son, Owen, is just the cutest, and they did an incredible job with all the details and planning of this day.  I love their creativity... Going to these dol's are making me sooo excited about our baby's upcoming chut dol in January as well.  One of my favorite parts of the Korean culture is their traditional costumes.  They are so colorful and simply beautiful.  The great part was that Owen got to wear a chinese outfit as well. (lucky guy) As you're about to see in the pics, this fam is just so in love with one another and are the sweetest!  Zenia and Phil, congrats on your first year with your baby... may there be countless years to come!

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