Friday, January 13, 2012


I WAS SO EXCITED WHEN I HEARD OF AJ'S AND JUSTIN'S ENGAGEMENT!  CAN YOU TELL?  HUH, HUH?  :)  My wife and I were so happy to hear of this great news... but, when we heard that they wanted to book with us, I was just stoked and yes, honored... I've known AJ & Justin about 10 years now and let me just say that we have many memories together. The good, the bad, the sad and the glad... Many things can happen in a decade!  I went to school with Justin, roomed with him and now work with him.  He is very passionate and just full of character and personality.  And, AJ?  I go way back with her too!  She was one of the first person I met when I came to the good ole US of A (yes, I'm Canadian), and I was thankful that I got to meet such a wonderful person.  I soon met her whole family... the Lawrence Family!  Then, I kept meeting her family... there were so many of them!  :)  And, each one of them had such a talent especially in music.  And, let me tell ya.... It's some serious talent, and so it's so surprise that she's marrying a musician as good as Justin.  He's one of the best drummers I know.  Her family are all so friendly, bright, and just simply fun to be around.  Now, with all those things combined as a couple, you can imagine the power this unity has!  When we met for their engagement shoot, IT WAS COLD!  I'm from Canada, but being in the south has really made me southern, and I just can't take the cold too well anymore.  But, did that get in their way?  Um... NO.  They were just one of those people who really knew how to pose naturally, and just enjoy one another.  All I had to do was capture it and just have fun.  We all just couldn't stop laughing, laughing, and yeah, laughing.  AJ & Justin, you guys are truly awesome, and once again, I'm VERY happy for you both and can't wait for your wedding and to witness what your future marriage holds.  Blessings to you guys, and thanks for an amazing time.

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