Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I remember packing and watching our movers move all of our belongings to a truck that will lead us to our new home that morning… my VERY pregnant wife and I were sitting there getting some work done on our phones when we received an inquiry from Michelle about her upcoming wedding.  It was cold… We were so ready to just be done with this move and begin a new chapter in our new home.  Our son was about to meet us any minute and I was so ready to prepare our "nest" for our baby.  As soon as we received the inquiry, I gave Michelle a call and my stressful day got relieved from hearing about her preparations for her wedding with Andy at Belle Terra!  We planned a time to meet right then and there.  I just wished that I could've released some of the stress my wife was going through from the pregnancy.  We had a BIG boy, and she was uncomfortable for a long time.  9 pounds!  Whew!  And, he was 3 weeks early… wow!  Well, our New Year's Day finally came and everything worked out… Fast forward to Michelle and Andy's wedding… It was just as I expected.  Everything was excellently planned and just beautiful.  So, everyone knows that you have to have "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue", right?  I loved how Michelle's "something blue" were her shoes!  Different… I like that!  The day was just perfect… As many weddings as I attend, I can't believe that some things like the "First Look" still gets me.  I always have to wipes the tears off of my camera while I'm shooting.  :)hehe I know, I'm a sensitive guy.  haha  Just look at the pictures of their first look… Michelle's gorgeous eyes tearing up as she walks toward her about to be hubby is just priceless.  The whole wedding party was great to work with and this perfect spring day just couldn't have been any better.  Michelle & Andy, you're wedding was just fabulous, and I hope you enjoy all your pictures forever!  You guys are a wonderful couple, and we wish you all the best…

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