Friday, April 23, 2010

Jumping on the trampoline. What a rush "WE" had:)

Sometimes and Idea for a video turns into an awesome day at the park shooting and bouncing around like a bunch of kids. Thanks to everyone who was a part of this shoot. Not only did the Bumper video that we shot turn out awesome but I also Have time to take out my flashes and pop off a few shots. Once again the 7D saves the day.

Thanks Mike Rob for getting a quick pic of me! You da Man.


  1. Photos and vid all with the 7D? These look great by the way. If so, did you use an ND filter with so much sun?

  2. Yup 7d. Used it so we could get 60 frames a second for a better slow motion. no ND used. Just decent shutter and high aperture.

  3. i agree. the more aperture helps the 7D megaframes refresh at a higher rate per pixel. Good job.