Tuesday, September 14, 2010


When I was a kid on the farm in Canada we used to have a German Shepard named "Sheba". She would follow me and my sister where ever we went. She was the most protective and loving dog ever. On the other hand we had another dog named "Shepard". This dog would not listen to a thing that you would say. It would run in and out of the street and run if front of the tractor all the time.
Now Mika is like no other dog I have ever met. If there was a dog that I could get my daughter it would be It would be Mika. She is the MOST obedient girl I have ever met. And one of the most beautiful as well.
I met Guy and Mika while at a family photo session in Atlantic Station. While trying to shoot the kids, Mika ran up and started to pose for the camera. I really mean she was posing for the camera! This dog knew when the camera was on her. So Guy and I talked and next thing you know I am out there again playing with Mika in the park. Guy was so hospitable as well and It was so cool to see the two of them together.
After a day of taking pics I almost wanted to bring a pup home for my little girl. Thanks Guy and Mika!


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