Friday, July 22, 2011


So, I met Wanda when my wife was pregnant with our Elli whose now 6 months old... She was one of our midwives and a good one too!  My wife met her during college days, but didn't get to connect with her 'til now.  And, how great this connection has been.  They were pregnant together, and it was the cutest thing.  There's just something about a pregnant woman.  They were due around the same time, but my wife had Elli first then Wanda had hers and we heard the news through facebook.  (How did we ever live before facebook??!)  As they became friends through facebook and shared things about having new babies, Wanda one day contacted us about taking their family photos.  We were so stoked!  Her and her husband, Danny, are blessed with the cutest boy in the world, Zachary!  As you'll see, he is just to die for!  I so wish I had his hair!  :)  Love, love, love.... is all I can say about this family.  We took all the photos in their beautiful home, and the pictures will speak for themselves.  They are such a happy family, and we wish them only the best.  They are so down to earth, humorous, lovable people, and we're thankful to know this family and more than anything that we're becoming friends.  Jeon's, thank you for everything! 

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