Saturday, September 10, 2011


I met Jami a short time ago. Her enthusiasm was amazing! She told me about her and Justin, how cool he was and how much the meant to each other. Soon I would be shooting their wedding and It was bound to be over the top awesome! Just knowing that they were going to get married at Roswell UMC and rock it out later at Capital City Club!
That day she and her friends had a cool time getting ready and goofing around. Those are the best types of friends:) The guys were just the same with jokes and pointers for marriage. Things all of us guys need.
The annticipation was amazing! Jami could not stop talking about seeing Justin. Once their eyes met the day would go from great to spectacular. They love each other so much and it showed through the whole night. Dancing, partying and just being with each other at every moment. Not once was their a frown on either of their faces. He would keep checking her out in her stunning dress and she with his super sharp good looks:)
Thank you so much Jami and Justin for everything that day! It was fab-u-lous!

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