Tuesday, July 10, 2012


My wife and I got an opportunity to be a part of a  bridal show earlier this year, and it was great, but it was even better when a one to one opportunity came to meet Adrianne for her wedding consultation without the busy crowd.  From the beginning, I just really respected how she organized her wedding and took her photography and its investment seriously.  Wedding photography really is an investment; an investment that will last a lifetime, but you do have to choose wisely just like anything else.  My wife and I take finances very seriously, and we totally respect people who do the same.  (You should ask my wife who balances our checkbook EVERYDAY!)  I loved all of her questions, and from those, just knew that she also appreciated photography as well.  When she "shook hands" with me to give me the honor to be her wedding photographer, we were so excited!  When her engagement session was coming up, we exchanged emails to discuss the details.  I was so stoked when she told us that her favorite flower was sunflower!  There's only a short season of when these grow, and they're not easy to find, but I had already done a trash the dress session awhile back, so we knew exactly where to go!  Another thing that I appreciate about our clients?  You can really tell when a couple put an effort in preparing for their shoot when you see the outfits are perfectly complimenting one another, make up and hair all perfect.  All those things matter in a photo, and Adrianne and Andrew just nailed it!  This couple was such a trooper too... As many of you know, it's been one hot summer here in HOTlanta, but there was no stopping this couple, and on top of that, when you have a field of sunflowers, bees come along too....... Mmmm.... Hmm.... But, you should also know that if you don't bother them, they won't bother you, so we decided not to bother them.  :)  They both really knew how to have fun, make each other smile as the pictures will tell you, and just naturally flowed so well that it made my job pretty easy.  :)  A special thanks to the sunflower field who let us stay a bit longer so that we could capture the sunset as well.  Adrianne and Andrew, thank you for a wonderful time.... I know that your wedding is going to be beautiful as you guys are as a couple.  PS - Oh yeah, I know... my big head got stuck in the fence, but hey, the shot was well worth it.... :)  We'll talk to you guys soon!

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