Sunday, July 8, 2012


I think it's so funny that when you're in love, you look for signs that make you meant to be with that person. And when you see these signs, small or big, it's so exciting and something that only you and your loved one can truly understand when others may wonder what the big deal is. Just the other day while my wife and I were cooking breakfast together, we started singing the SAME song at the SAME instant! We both looked at each other big eyed and were like, "whoa dude... No way..." and gave each other immediate high fives. :). I could totally see that similar thing going on when Jenny found out that the love of her life's screen name was FORREST!  What???!!!  I hope you all got that... :) I love cute little stories like that especially when family and friends know about it and share those fun stories together and just simply enjoy and celebrate even in the little things. Now, we all know that those aren't the things that make a relationships and that love is the foundation of it all, and let me tell you... Love between Jenny and Justin was pretty apparent and very hard to miss. I love the way they like to have fun... I felt that even from the beginning during their engagement shoot!  They were always smiling and just enjoyed eaxh other which is the way it should be.  Even with some photos that Jenny sent us as ideas for groups shots, I just knew that I was going to have a blast at this wedding. I loved all of her creative, unique and fun ideas!  One was where they didn't see each other before the wedding, so they blind folded each other and "saw" each other that way. :). It was very sweet, and yes, that moment was captured for you to check out!   Jenny and Justin (Forrest), thanks for a beautiful June wedding... I'm honored that I was able to be a part of your celebration!  Enjoy the pics:)

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Venue - The Carl House
Cake - Sugar Kneads
Florist - The Carl House
D.J. - Complete Music Atlanta
Dress - Bride Beautiful
Hair/Make-up - Formal Faces


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