Friday, June 25, 2010

Sebastian + Jesse 2nd Year Wedding Anniversary Session

I know what everyone is thinking when they see these images. (especially those of you from the south)

"Man, where are they? That doesn't look like Atlanta!"

And its true. I had a great opportunity to head up to Canada for a conference in Toronto. I have a lot of old friends and even new ones near there. One couple in particular I was hoping to go to dinner with one night when I was there. Well they sent me a message on Facebook asking if I might have time to take some pics for them for their second anniversary. Of course I was super excited to do it but my schedule was already really packed with video shoots for the week. I rearranged my schedule and we were able to make time on Sunday evening. Now, I have know them for a while. Sebastian in particular I have known for years. I had no idea when we met up that he had chopped off his long hair. It took me a while just to find them in the crowd where we were meeting up. The next 3 hours or so were just awesome. Not only did they have fun but I was also able to visit places I have not been to since I was a kid.
The last shot of the night never happened though. Just as I was about to set my bag down to get them under the Gardiner Express Way I saw a puddle of vomit! Then another and another! Next thing you know we took off with our noses pinched and making funny sounds all the way back to the car. Yes Canada is clean but just not this street corner. Please enjoy the images of these two beautiful people and their awesome love for one another. It showed throughout the session.


  1. WOW!! These pictures are awesome!! Yes, their love for one another shows!! Brought tears to my eyes!

  2. Those are absolutely amazing!! I love them.