Monday, July 5, 2010

Mark + Cheryl Engagement Session

Emails. Emails. Emails. Funny thing is She is just down the hall from me at work.
I have worked with Cheryl for a long time. Every time my wife and I see her with the kids that she works with we know that our daughter is in good hands. One day I noticed her hanging with some guy named Mark. Next thing you know I am taking engagement pics with them! Awesome! Mark is an great father and is going to be a super awesome husband to cheryl. His little girl is sooooooo cute! (I think my daughter has some competition now)
We had a wonderful time and I know that there special day is going to be more fun for me than it will be for them;) I may bring my daughter with me just so that they can go play after the ceremony:)


  1. WOW!!! These pictures are amazing!!! What a BEAUTIFUL family!! Love you guys!

  2. When god is in the mist,Absolutely beautiful.You guys are awesome, simply beautiful. pat and gregg matthews