Friday, August 13, 2010

Pridgen Family (day on the farm)

I have known Chan and Theresa since I moved to the USA. I remember doing school assemblies and breaking bricks with Chan and practicing skits with Theresa and others until 3-4 in the morning. Now they have 3 beautiful kids and are loving life. I got a chance to go out to Theresa's dad's farm to take some family pics with them. It was supposed to be a stormy night and it ended up being a beautiful evening. There was one thing though. Just as I sat Chan and Theresa down to do some couple's pics, Chan jumps up and said, "I think something bit me!"
Right behind them on the ground that looked like a huge rock was a hornets nest! LOL We laughed so hard. Everyone was okay, and I even got to try some of her dad's famous coffee. It was ammmmazzzzing!!!
Thanks you guys for a great afternoon with your fam.


  1. Absolutely incredible! Craig, you get better each time! You're seriously AMAZING!!!!

  2. I'll definitely ask you if my family ready for the family picture.. you're awesome..

  3. love it!!!! they look great, you're really good at being creative with photos!