Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Yun Mi & James... where do I start? Well, my wife and Yun Mi's sister are friends, and so that's definitely how we got to know each other. My wife talked about her a lot especially when she shared about the times that all three of them used to do Korean folk dances together. I've seen many pictures of them in their traditional Korean costumes, and I just so wish that I knew them back then! Fast forward several years, after marrying my wife, I remember one day running into Yun Mi & James at Ikea! (One of my favorite places...) One of the things that I noticed was how tall they were! But more than anything, I remember how fun and kind they were too. They were one of those couples where you just knew that they were meant for one another. So, I wasn't surprised when I heard that they got engaged.... we were just so happy for them. We were even happier and felt honored when they asked us to be a part of their wedding by being their photographers! It really is a privilege to be able to capture one of the most happiest and important days of someone's life. I had such a wonderful time during their consultation meeting, and there's just no word to describe the fun that we had at their engagement session. They were up for anything, and "anything" is what we did. :) Yun Mi & James, thanks for the wonderful time, and we hope that you really enjoy the pictures. I just cannot wait for your wedding. It's going to be the bomb diggity!

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