Sunday, July 11, 2010

Saldana Family Portraits

Wow! This family is on fire! Its been mine and my wife's pleasure to know this family for the past, who knows how many years. They have always been so happy and fun to be around. Victor with his smile and Linda with Their kids are a blast and soooooo cute. I love their big eyes and big tears. They are so fun loving to be around and to shoot. You owe it to yourself to get to know this family. Enjoy a few from the days session.


  1. OMG Craig, these pictures are absolutely amazing and they are so natural. My husband and I absolutely love Victor & Linda (My sister in-law's brother & sister in-law) and your work really captures their greatness!

    Deborah Browning

    PS. How can I contact you for pictures of my own family?

  2. Hey Deborah.
    Thanks for the compliments. Please feel free to email me. Just visit and look for the contact us section.
    Thanks again and talk to you soon.