Sunday, April 29, 2012


One day, we received an email from Liz... After reading it, I realized that we knew her sister whom I met a few years ago.  I was so honored to be referred to by a family member!  Once you're family, you're always family.  :)   When we shot their engagement shoot, it was very sweet to see how much they loved each other... And, mmmm hmm... their car?  Ah yeah.... that was pretty sweet too.  :)  As their wedding approached, I was getting very excited!  First, they scheduled it during one of the best times of the year... SPRING! And at the Little Gardens (gorgeous venue!) The day was just absolutely gorgeous!  If it could just stay that way all year, eh?  Oh well... :(  And, it was also April 1st.  Yes, April Fool's Day.... :)  If you know me, that day was made for me.  :)  Did I play a joke?  Yes... was it good?  Yes... :)  I mean, how could I resist?  Liz & TJ absolutely love joking around and simply just having fun and that's why their wedding was when it was!  Cool!  I joked that I dropped her bling, bling down a vent while getting a ring shot.  LOL!  She believed me for a sec then of course I said, "April fool's!!!"  :)  Sorry, Liz... I just had to!  But, all jokes aside, their wedding was no joke nor was their love. Their wedding was beautiful just like them.  Liz & TJ, we truly had a wonderful time, and I know these pictures will bring memories of the best time of your life forever!!!!

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