Saturday, April 14, 2012


From the moment they were interested in our photography, Viveka and Jeremy was a pleasure to work with. Some people just know what they want. Because they know what they want, decisions are made and made well. It's either this or that. No questions... I love that about this couple! That's why I have no doubt about their love for one another. When you know, you just know... I loved their engagement shoot last fall and really got to spend some time with them and just simply have fun. There are many reason why I looked forward to this wedding... 1. Viveka & Jeremy :) 2. The culture... I may be biased, but if you know me, I love culture especially after I met my wife whose South Korean, and I love it especially the traditions. So, when I heard that Viveka was going to incorporate some of her culture into the wedding, I was stoked, and my expectations were exceeded! I don't need to say anything more about that; you can just see it for yourselves through the pics. :) 3. Beautiful weather. It wasn't too hot nor too cold.... there were beautiful spring flowers around.... I mean, how can it get more perfect? Every time I meet this couple, it's just always a pleasure. And, a pleasure it was to be able to shoot their wedding! Viveka & Jeremy, thank you for making my job easy! May these memories last you a lifetime; a lifetime that will be filled with blessings, happiness and joy, joy, joy!

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  1. Beautiful pictures!!! We Love it. So happy for you guys.. yay marriage =)

  2. So awesome!! Loved the wedding, love the couple, so looking forward to seeing the move of the Kingdom through this Holy Spirit filled union. These pictures are incredible. Congrats again Viveka and Jeremy.

  3. Great pictures Craig! Beautiful couple, and what a beautiful weekend! You captured some great memories for them!