Monday, April 9, 2012


A lot of people ask... so, "how did you meet your spouse?" I met my wife through our youth ministry. It was her first day working there, and I volunteered there... love at first sight? Yes! :) All that to say... I love the youth! Many people say that they're the future, but I believe that their purpose is now and they make a big difference. So, when Kathy asked us to take Nathan's senior portraits, we were very delighted. The Parysek's and we go way back... I don't even know where to start! But, I do have to mention what an amazing family they are. They are talented, giving, and just always a pleasure to be around. I remember not too long after my wife and I got married when we started off in a small, one bedroom apartment, they surprised us with a brand new TV! We had a small, 13" TV, and they brought a 32" right to our home. Can you imagine how excited we were? We couldn't get over how big it was! LOL!!!!! It's only been 6 years, but how TV's have evolved since then. Joe & Kathy, thank you once again for that sweet gift.... it's definitely one that we would never forget!

The day started off great near Atlanta Station... one of Nathan's passion is music, and he just loves to play his bass guitar. So, of course, it would make the best prop. We began with shots to celebrate this special time of Nathan's life... He's heading off to college really soon, and we are all so proud of him! I love this area, and Nathan did a great job being a model. :) We then headed off for some family shots. This family just knows how to have fun... Anytime I meet them, they are simply just happy. I've never seen them frown... their frowns are definitely upside down all the time. :) Parysek's, it was a pleasure spending time with you all! Nathan, only the best wishes to you and your future endeavors. You have a bright future ahead of you.... May God bless you!

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    Love the pics!!! Can't wait for the whole CD. Thanks for NOT posting that "other" closeup when I snatched your camera.