Monday, August 20, 2012


So... Jane and Blake... Oops!  No,  I meant Blaine and Jake. :) hehe Sorry guys, I just had to... Yes, I had the best time with Blaine and Jake for their unique engagement shoot. First, if you know me, I also do videography and absolutely love watching movies/films/documentaries. So, when I meet someone whose into it like Jake, there's just this automatic bond and connection that is created. When you meet someone that likes what you like or what you do, you just know that they know how to appreciate it. Not just that, they love being creative and out of the box!  I love that!!!! I mean, why stay in the box, right? When they told me that they wanted to do light painting for their shoot, I was just like, "no way!!!!".  So I got a little crazy... (just ask my wife). I went shopping and bought all kinds of stuff for their shoot and almost burnt our house down!  Ah!!!!  The funny part was that my wife was so into watching the olympics that she wasn't even aware of what was going on a few feet away from her. Lol I was testing out one light and it got caught on fire, but thank God I was able to take it to the sink in time and let it out. :) Then a few minutes later, she asked, "Is something burning?". Haha!!!    Oh, and I can't forget to thank my girl for being my model to get some test shots in our backyard. :) Thx, Emma!!  Anyways, back to this awesome couple... So at the end of our shoot when it got dark, we shot more with them doing light painting... I just loved it!  They were troopers!  If you've ever had shoots where light painting is involved, you learn that it's hard to stay still for a few seconds, right guys?  Their happy and contagious laugh went on throughout the evening making this day very memorable for all of us and in the camera lens. Blaine and Jake, I really enjoyed getting to know you both more!  Can't wait for your wedding day!!!!!

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