Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Am I really that old that I have known my friends for 10 years or around 10 years?  LOL… Well, I guess I am… Time is definitely something you can't get back or buy back.  Well, yes, Meiyen is one of our friends that we have known for years now.  The friendship began when Meiyen and my wife sang together in one of our church's band.  They loved it passionately… they harmonized to hundreds of songs together until my wife was pregnant with our first child and had to say goodbye.  But, their friendship continued.  I remember one funny story when my wife nervously told Meiyen one day that she's scared of hugging her because she hugs so tight that it really hurt.  LOL Meiyen has always worked out and has always been into fitness, so she was a lot stronger than she thought!   That's a funny story, but I loved how they have an honest friendship with one another.  When we all got married, started having kids, life got busy and there are less time for friends; however, it's funny how with good friends, no matter how long it's been, you just pick it right back up as if there weren't months in between.  They have a precious daughter named Bridgett… This girl as you'll see is just gorgeous.  And let me tell you… she's daddy's little girl!  Daniel loves her dearly and she can't help but love him back.  They have really grown to be a loving family, and I'm so happy to see them happy!  Daniel & Meiyen, thanks so much for a great time at the park, and may these pictures be looked at over and over for years to come.  

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  1. These pictures are so cute. Bridgett is so cute!!!