Friday, September 28, 2012


It always means so much when clients book with us. Of course... But, when they come back for another family session a year after, it's just so fulfilling. And that's just the way I felt when Hannah asked for another photo session this year. I remember having such a wonderful time with this amazing fam last year... Through mutual friends, we got to see them at different gathering a few times, but when I saw her two boys, I just couldn't believe how much they have grown!  When it's your own kids that you see everyday, it's different, but when you see a child that you haven't seen in awhile, it's crazy how much they grow in a year!  Hannah and Young's oldest son definitely lost his "baby look."  He has really become a big boy!  Wow!  Expecting our first boy in a few months, I really enjoyed hanging out with their two sons and just foreseeing what's to come for my wife and I soon. Raising a boy will really be different and we can't wait!  There was a special treat at this shoot... Hannah's parents joined for the session, and it was just great seeing this whole, big family come together, interact and demonstrate their love for one another to be captured. It was special seeing the relationship of the grandsons and the grandparents. It made me miss my parents in Canada and wishing they lived a bit closer sometimes. Hannah and Young, you are blessed with a beautiful family, and thank you for giving me the opportunity to share this time with you guys. Enjoy all the pics for years to come!


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