Friday, December 7, 2012


Some people you just click with... and that's exactly what happened between us and the Bauer family last spring for their family session, and I was so happy when they wanted some fall pictures this year.  Barbie is part Korean, so I feel like I see my daughter's future when I see her family... It's so neat that they know the Korean foods that we love to eat like mandoo and of course, how can you forget kimchee!  :)  There's always some in the fridge of a Korean home like my fridge.  :)  If you have kimchee, you can always figure out something to eat.  LOL  The four amazing kids that they have are so inspiring.  First, I can't believe how much they've grown since I last saw them last spring.  Wow!  I really must be getting old, eh?  We were a bit concerned about the cold weather during their session this year, but wow... everyone in this fam was a trooper!  They did not let the cold bother them at all as you can see in the pics, so when we brought the hot chocolate out, they were soooo happy!  They booked a two hour session, so we took a break with the mmm... mmm... good hot chocolate in the middle of it to get our bodies warmed up again.  They were all smiles and just pushed through the weather for the rest of the shoot.  Even with one child, it can be hard at times to have the whole fam look at the camera for a portrait shot, but can you believe that with their four children, we have several shots where they were all looking with great smiles?  I love working with the Bauer's!  They just make my job so easy...  Barbie and Brian, you guys are blessed with such a beautiful family!  We are so glad that you came back to us, and we look forward to seeing you every year!  Please say hi to the kids for me, and we hope that you enjoy all the pics!

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