Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I missed the best sky ever!!

The day after Christmas at the mall of Georgia walking my wife says the same thing "man I wish we had a camera to shoot this sky!!" well I had my iPhone. So I am going to try starting in the new year to shoot one image a day and post it on my blog. Let's see how far I get. And not just any photo. A great photo. Enjoy.
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Monday, December 21, 2009

Danielson Famiy Session

Finally a day without rain. It rained the night before and I almost fell off my roof! It was another cold one. And I know what my Canadian friends are thinking "That doesn't look like Christmas, where is all the snow?" Forget the snow it was freeeezzzing!
Its amazing how kids, as long as they are moving, don't mind the cold. Especially when you give them a candy cane:)
4 portraits
card pic with feet
family sitting
city hall start
city hall
couple smile
family sitting blur
bro and sis happy
walking sidewalk
family fence
family depth
family laugh
family model
kiss jump
model walkway
family smile on bride
laugh bw
mom laugh
running bridge
smile bridge kids

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Cards Galore!

Im so glad that was able to help people out with their Christmas cards this season. Since I had my car accident I was only able to do a few shoots and then designs this year. Next year I can start in Sept/Oct which will help. Hit me up if you would like spring pics or if you want to start reallllllyyyyy early on your Christmas card for next year. LOL. I especially love when I get the actual cards in the mail and see the faces of those people I could help.

Front of Card
Shumans Card Version two

Front of Card
hataway front
Back of Card(setup for postcard postage)

Front of Card
Ngo Family Card Front

These cards I designed but did not take the pics for.
Front of Card
Cheryl Front Version one
Back of Card(setup for postcard postage)
Cheryl Back Card

Front of Card
Cheryl Front Version two
Back of Card
Mark Back Card

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ngo Family Xmas Shoot

Third shoot that felt like it was 30 below 0! The family was wonderful. Especially the kids who did super considering how cold it was. I know that I am from Canada and everything but gosh is it cold!! While your looking at these images I want you to imagine yourself inside a freezer with no coat on. There, now you can really feel the emotion:)
Family 1up
family tickle
family portrait style
2 up kids santa
kissing reindeer
family walking
4 up running
Family jmp
couple hands
family wall
father son
Girls family
couple wall

New series at work means new Bumper video

So a lot went on this week and so I only had time to shoot this video at home with my D90. Pretty amazing with all the equipment that I have at work I used this. After using a 7D to shoot some stuff for a Child Trafficking documentary I thought I would give my D90's movie mode a try. Success? Yes! Easy like the 7D for video? NO! None the less it got the job done. And in just 1 hour here is the result. (Minus the time it took to make the Emmanuel Xmas Ornament)

Emmanuel Bumper from craig obrist on Vimeo.

I just Found this. The Bumper Video for the Evidence Series.

Evidence Series Bumper from craig obrist on Vimeo.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Rogers family session a success

Probably the coldest shoot I have ever had to do since I have been in GA. And that saying a lot coming from Canada.
The first 5 minutes we all thought that we were going to freeze! Then the kids started running around and mom and dad after them and somehow we all became warmer. Great family with the funniest son I know. Their daughter is as cute as a button (whatever that saying means) Another awesome day in the books.
family portrait
2up kids
family court
family lying
brother and sister
5up family
family fight
family wreith
Family animals
3up family
kids play