Saturday, June 8, 2013


Did someone say coffee?  :)  Guatemalan coffee?  If you know me, I LOVE coffee!  And if you know my wife, she hates me drinking coffee.  LOL  I have actually recently cut down a lot and have been drinking more water and tea instead.  Yup… gotta get healthy for my wifey and kids.  Well, back to Heather and Jorge… Jorge is from Guatemala, and his family owns a coffee plantation there.  Can you say coffee heaven??  So, when he met Heather, it was like finding the perfect creamer for his coffee.  :)  I'm telling you… I wish I had half the energy that Jorge has!  I just can't ever imagine him being angry, sad or any emotion other than extremely happy.  So, you can imagine how happy he was on his wedding day; the day he was marrying the love of his life, Heather.  When Heather is with him, she is just all smiles and cannot stop laughing… I don't think I ever had to tell them to "smile" during the portraits.  In fact, I had to tell them, "don't smile" for a few pics.  LOL I knew that their wedding day was going to be an "Oh Happy Day", when their engagement session last year flowed so amazingly. We had such a wonderful time at Piedmont Park.  Even in those pictures, you can just feel the energy in this couple.  Their engagement session was several months ago, so when their wedding finally came, I was so HAPPY FOR THEM!  It was so good to see them again.  No matter how many times I go to a wedding, it just never gets old.  In fact, it feels new every time because each couple is so unique and special.  And especially when that couple is Heather and Jorge, their smiles, laughter, joy and their LOVE IN THE AIR are just so contagious.  I'm very thankful that I had an opportunity to work with a couple like them… There's no doubt that Jorge will make Heather happy and that Heather will be an amazing wife to him.  I love how they incorporated all the things that are important to them to their wedding like their spirit for UGA (don't tell my wife because she's GA Tech all the way LOL) and of course COFFEE!  I still have the little coffee bags containing coffee beans that they gave out for favors.  It was the cutest idea!  Heather and Jorge, you guys did an amazing job in making your wedding day your most special day… And Heather, you just looked stunning!  From all the details to your family and friends… I'm very happy for you that you are surrounded by such loving community.  May you have a blessed marriage!  We can't wait to only hear great things for your bright future!  Keep the smiles going!  It was an honor being your photographer.  Hope you always come back to us!  :)

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