Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Can't believe that I graduated high school 15 years ago… geez, am I really that old?  Well, as I've always heard my parents say, "you'll always feel young at heart."  :)  My wife and I always had a special connection with teens… well, that's how we even met!  My wife started working at a youth ministry that I used to volunteer for.  We both always loved to work with them and just simply talk and get to know them.  As we all know, teenage years are not the easiest.   There are so many decisions to make… decisions about friends, college, and of course, "what am I going to do for the rest of my life?"  There's a lot of pressure, but through the support of family and friends and of course the grace of God, we all somehow make it through.  Yes, just like anything in life, there are the challenges, but the joys definitely outweigh them.  I mean, how can you beat those times?  The "peak" of your life where you feel like you can conquer the world, dream of being a doctor, a rockstar, a rocket scientist, a songwriter… you name it, you feel like you can be it and many times, you do!  You're young and the world is all yours!  Now that I have own children, this special milestone hits home for me.  I hear everyday from parents with older children that the years go by fast, and they are so right!  They really do grow up and each milestone should be celebrated!  that's why I just love getting senior portrait inquiries.  If you know my wife and I, we just love to celebrate!  Every birthday, every "firsts", every moment is oh so precious.  I can't believe that one day, our kids will be celebrating their senior in high school and taking senior portraits.  I wonder what the trend of photography will be then?  Wow… just thinking about it makes me want to hold on to them tighter when they kiss you goodnight.  Well, we had the privilege to take some shots of these well accomplished, amazing high school seniors this year!  Below are three individuals who have already made such a positive impact in our world.  They each have a unique story, parents who dearly love them and have raised them well.  They all have their own dreams and will endeavor to overcome difficulties, but overcome they will and successfully and significantly live the purpose they were created with.  Many years are ahead of them and we only wish them the best.  Guys, thanks for giving me the honor to be a part of this special times in your lives.  I can't wait to see what's in store for you all as you step into the next chapter!  Hope you enjoy and treasure every shot for all the years to come!

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