Saturday, October 30, 2010


The minute I started talking to Derrick and Keisha was the minute I realized that this was going to be a fun day! Every time I looked they were all giddy and laughing. They are so in love! Every time she looks at him he can't wipe the smile off of his face. :) Derrick hums the best jazz I have ever heard too. I can't wait till next year for their wedding... it's going to be sweet!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I remember meeting Ashley at the Lenox Starbucks beginning of this year with my wife and daughter... We were so impressed with how early she was with planning her wedding and how organized she was. It all made sense when she told us that she is a script supervisor. Wow! What a cool job to have! I felt so honored that with all the people that she probably knows in the film and photography industry, that she chose to even meet with me! When we booked her date, I was just so thankful for this opportunity, and what an opportunity it was! We got to know her and her fiance, Josh, at their engagement session during the summer, and we just knew that they were a perfect match.
Her wedding day finally came, and Ashley was soooo happy. The smiles never stopped coming and Josh never stopped with his big grin either. What a beautiful venue she chose! And, what a beautiful bride and groom they were.... The weather was just PERFECT!  October is officially my favorite time of the year to shoot. What a surprise it was when Josh and Ashley danced away at their reception. I thought they were a reserved couple until that music came on! I really had a great time.... thank you to you both once again for everything! You guys are beautiful people..... therefore, beautiful pictures were taken.... Enjoy!