Friday, August 26, 2011


How cool is it to go to the windy city to shoot engagement pics? Well let me tell you:)  AMAZING! First let me give you the back story.
I met Kristina and Trent at Kristina's families portrait session last year. After shooting all day with her fam she said her "super hot" boyfriend was going to show up. I decided to take a few pics of them and the rest is history. I knew when I saw them together that day that they were in love. a week or two later they were engaged! A year later we are in Chicago shooting their engagement pics!
What an great time it was. 30 mins into being into Chicago my assistant (Jonas) and I decided to park in the city at a spot he knew, eat and take a bit of a tour. I guess we parked in the wrong spot because we got back to the car and it was gone! Long story short a few hours and $240 later I got my rental car back. The next day was our shoot.
Kristina and Trent had a list with outfits, jewelry and everything you could imagine! We shot all day and they never stopped laughing together. Just getting them to be serious at times was tough. But thats what is so great about love. Always making the other person smile and enjoy the time they have with each other for the rest of their lives.
We shot a lot in the country then later in the evening made our way to the city. Every location stoping for trent to get something to eat;) By the end of the night we were pooped. The last shot a bit of a bust because the cops told us to get out and that the park by the water was closed. We did manage to snap off one before he got to us (at the end of the pics).
Thanks so much guys for your hospitality and I can't wait till the big day. I'm just glad it won't be as windy!

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Last year I had the opportunity to shoot Guy and Mika. It was a awesome! This year, we had the same opportunity, yet Mika was now another year more ready for her close-up. Man, can she work the camera! She even wanted a BMW in the shot! Super shiny! Then off to Piedmont... And wow it was hot outside. I think Mika needed her own trailer at one point. :) You were both great... Guy & Mika, deserves a treat!

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