Monday, February 28, 2011


Its been a long last few months. My wife and I had a new baby, work is out of control awesome and wedding season is just around the corner. I had a chance today to post a few videos that my team and I had a chance to do recently. The first is a bumper video for a new series called "FAQ'S"
This is a stop motion video that we shot in one day. I love stop motion but hate the actual prep that is involved. TE-DE-OUS! Super fun though.
The next one is a promo video for a mens event. I have always had so much fun playing laser quest since I was in high school. So we called up and they let us use their building for an afternoon.
The next three are promo video's for our small groups (V-groups).
We spoofed the Geico commercials that have been showing recently.
First is Montell Jordan and Jerry Quiroz. LOL
Next is Todd McVicker playing Humpty Dumpty.
Lastly is the Bowie residence.
Don't worry Stephen Hataway I didn't forget about you playing the Geico guy.
I think that about wraps it up for now. Thanks to everyone for your help behind the scenes.
Wedding photo's and engagement session's galore are coming soon.
Check out for pricing and info.