Friday, December 28, 2012


Every time my wife mentions Susana, she is just full of compliments and never says anything negative.  Well, there's really nothing negative about Susana and her family... My wife has a few times referred to Susana as an angel and is so inspired by her.  The more I get to know them personally and professionally, I can see why.  They are one of the most generous people we know.  So considerate and thoughtful.... so sincere and true.  We have been knowing them through our church for some years now and then they became one of our fav clients since 2011.  They are so awesome to work with and when we heard about their anniversary coming up and their interest in a trash the dress session, I was so pumped!  They were such troopers to fight the cold weather and take some awesome pictures!  We also took some family portraits for them as well.  This is one beautiful family that I always learn from and strive to become a better person after each encounter with them.  After this year's session, they took me out to this amazing ramen place (my wife had to stay home because of her pregnancy), and oh my.... it's one of our favorite restaurants now!  Such a unique Japanese restaurant that serve ramen that is made from scratch.  Everything is made from scratch... so fresh and just delicious!  She even packed my wife a to go order... They're just beyond sweet.  We've told so many people about it!  It's so funny because this fam goes there like once a week.  What??  :)  Every time we meet, they always buy me so much food!  Susana & Arif, thank you for being simply an amazing couple & mother and father to your children.  My wife and I just love you guys and are honored to know people like you, and we are so thankful that we are becoming friends.  Once our boy enters this world and things settle for us, you guys are coming over to the Obrist's!  :)  Enjoy the pics for years to come... Can't wait for your family shoot in 2013!  Blessings to you in the NEW YEAR!

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Now family time:)

Sunday, December 9, 2012


I think it's so neat that when someone is in love, you can always tell... How?  They glow!  Really, they do... When someone is engaged, when someone gets married, when a woman gets pregnant, when a woman has a baby... all these major life changing moments in our lives seem to make us really walk on "cloud 9" and physically glow.  It's amazing how these events change our attitude and the way we face this world.  Well, Nicole and Oren glowed... why?  They were getting married to the love of their life! Hello?!  Nicole was just beautiful and Oren was her prince charming.  From when we met, Nicole told me that they were going to have a Jewish wedding because Oren is Jewish, so get ready for lots of traditions.  You think planning a wedding is hard?  Try planning a Jewish wedding!  I loved how it was just filled with traditions after traditions all day and how so many family members and friends were involved!  Because of these activities, I picked so many pictures to blog and could not decrease anymore. Because there were so many pictures, I decided to do a slideshow with the rest, so please check it out!  Ok, now back to the wedding... There was just so much laughter among the friends and family.... so much that I felt like part of the fam by the end of the day.  :)  I researched on what a usual Jewish wedding all entailed, and I think they pretty much covered it all.  :)  It was such an honor to be a part of something like this... I'm so thankful that I was able to partake in such a wedding and learn about their culture and traditions.  Nicole and Oren, thank you for such a great experience!   You guys have been so wonderful to work with!  Enjoy the pics for the rest of your lives!  :)

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Nicole + Oren Wedding Day Slideshow from Craig Obrist on Vimeo.

Venue - The Carl House
Dress - Paloma Blanca
D.J. - Axtell Productions
Hair - Connie Siegler