Sunday, May 27, 2012


One of my favorite things about my job is not just meeting a bride and groom to take pictures for their wedding, but you get to really know them; where they come from, how they met, what they do for a living, their hobbies, likes & dislikes, their passion.  Everyone has a story, and I love sharing stories about each others' lives... one of them is Samantha's and Kyle's.  We met Samantha last year when she was a bride who was so ecstatic about her upcoming wedding.  When she started talking about her groom who was in the military, my heart began to feel how grateful I am to have people like Kyle protecting our country every day.  There are many days when we all take it for granted, but we really shouldn't... These families go through a lot for the rest of us.... things that we can't ever imagine.  What a great day to post their blog than Memorial Day Weekend?  When I finally go to meet Kyle during their engagement shootit was such an honor to meet him and to see how much they loved each other made me realize how much they must miss one another when they can't be together... I can't imagine being away from my wife and children that long at a time....  Not too long before the wedding, we received an email from Samantha that the wedding date may even get changed from of Kyle's schedule.  When we heard that, my wife and I really felt for them and prayed that things worked out for them.  Well, what do you know?  It did, and here we are now sharing the beautiful wedding pictures of this beautiful couple.  From the beginning and through it all, Samantha has always been so kind and simply just a joyous person.  We really enjoyed working with her and Kyle throughout their engagement journey, and I can't express enough to you what a party their wedding was.  From all their friends to family, you could really tell the love they all share for one another.  One of my favorite things about their wedding was Kyle's uniform!  My wife's dad was in the Army for 27 years, so I got to hear amazing stories and got to see his uniforms and metals, so there's a special connection when it comes to things military.  The bomb diggity DJ that they chose for their reception did a superb job, and he just got everyone into the celebration including me!  A wedding should be a celebration, and a celebration it truly was.... They really rocked out The Carl House!
Samantha & Kyle, thank you once again for giving me the honor to capture your beautiful day and especially on this Memorial Day Weekend, we thank you for all the sacrifices you make to give us freedom in this wonderful country.

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It was a blast being attacked by the guests:) 


Venue - The Carl House
Flowers - The Carl House
Cake - Sugar Kneads
Videography - B.E.V. Weddings
D.J. - Tod Peavy
Dress - Davids Bridal
Hair/Makeup - Head Rush Studios