Sunday, January 30, 2011


A bundle of joy?  That's definitely an understatement.  There's no word or phrase to describe the love you feel for the gift of life that's given to you... It's been quite a journey in receiving this precious gift.  Our 2nd daughter, Elli Rose Obrist was born on January 23, 2011 at 11:23am weighing 7lbs.  My wife was on bedrest with her since October, so we have been waiting patiently to see her beautiful face for quite some time.  The challenges of bedrest were definitely all worth it when she came.  I have been wanting to do her infant photo shoot, so here are some to share with you all!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Baby Yeselyn in the belly// Saldana Family

Just having another baby, I know how precious children are and even more how precious it is to get some pics of yourself pregnant (I know that my wife wants pics of her belly too). The Saldana's have always been an awesome client but even better friends. They are now proud parents of a baby girl! Having two girls of my own, now I can say that Victor is going to have so much fun playing princess and tea party with his beautiful baby. Linda is a super trooper all around. Having 3 kids is definitely no small task. Actually, the hardest thing to do in life I think. Thanks so much guys for the awesome time and coming to see us in the hospital while you were having your own labor as well.
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Sunday, January 2, 2011


Taking family portraits is one my favorite things to do... I always go home so happy to see my family after each of these sessions.  I met the An family through my wife.  Sarah is one of her best friends from her college years, and they still are!  They don't get to see each other as much because she is working in China now.  She came back home for the holidays and asked us if we can take some photos of her family while she was here.  Of course!  I love Korean traditions especially their traditional costumes.  My wife enjoys sharing her Korean culture to others so I've learned so much about it since I've known her.  This family is definitely so fun and beautiful... Sarah's nephew and niece are absolutely adorable!!!  I can't wait to have our baby soon so that we can get her Korean dress! Check us out at