Wednesday, June 27, 2012


From my wife:
So... about 6.5 years ago, I married yes, the best man alive... :)hehe  Am I biased?  Absolutely not... In a society where beliefs and thoughts about marriage is so condescending and negative, I'm blessed to say that I don't fall in that category and that our marriage only gets better everyday.  Life has brought many thick and thin times during these years, and looking back, it has only made us love each other more.  Plus, when God is in the center of it all and is your foundation, you just can't fail and for that, I'm grateful.  Back to our wedding day... I mean, what better day is there than the day you become one with the man of your dreams?  It was an indescribable day... I can still look back and remember how much I just enjoyed every moment, but was it perfect?  Is anything perfect?  I had the perfect groom, but one thing that didn't go our way was the weather... It rained cats and dogs!  The day before was a beautiful day and so was the day after, but not on the day of.  Wow!  It seriously rained so much ALL DAY.  So, as you can imagine, it meant no outdoor pictures for us... :(  And if you know us, pictures are very important!  So, ever since then, we've been wanting to "redo" that aspect of our wedding day, but things came up here and there and then here again and then there again... Every time we scheduled a session, I got pregnant!  What?!  So, we always ended up canceling it because I felt terrible and gained weight VERY fast.  :)  After having our second daughter, we started talking about it again, but as parents out there know, things aren't so easy to schedule when you have kids!  And when there was time, I was just so tired or got lazy to do it.  Well, Craig said, "ok, we seriously have to do this now or we'll never do it!"  So, we scheduled it AGAIN, and guess what?  I got pregnant again!  LOL!!!!  Oh my... but, this time, I pushed myself and felt that this was really the only opportunity for me, and also, I'm not getting younger, ya know?  I mean, with three kids, an opportunity like this or the energy like this would not come about easily.  So, the moment finally came and we went for it!  But, what was so sweet was that my husband thought of something I didn't even think about.  Knowing that I was not happy with my bouquet on our wedding day, he told me that he was going to order one through a friend of ours for me.  I was literally in tears.... Who knew there was so much emotion attached to a wedding bouquet???  More than anything, I appreciated my husband's heart and his effort in making me simply happy.  So, he just told me to send a picture of what I wanted and he took care of the rest.  Ashley Charron, our florist, called and asked me a few questions, and it was so easy to communicate to her what I had in mind.  She just got it.  And then personally delivered the bouquet to me, and I wanted to cry again!  It was just so beautiful and just perfect!  Ashley, thank you once again for making this day more special and for making each picture beautiful...  He called every city with a fountain to get permission for me to get in it, and downtown Marietta was the one that said yes!  The cool coincidence of this was that Craig and I had our engagement session done over 7 years ago in the same place, so it was double cool!  :)  I usually schedule assistants for our photo sessions for my hubby, but for this, he took care of that too, and our friends Kate Schlueter and Mike Robertson came out, and he could not have chosen a better team... We ALL had just such a great time... everything flowed so well... everything was so relaxed; no rushing, no stress.... just a good time.   I was so happy!  The funniest part was when people around the park kept telling us "congratulations," and every time we replied with, "Oh, thank you!!!!"  LOL!  At the end of the session, when I went in the fountain with my dress on, this one group of ladies kept screaming at me saying, "your dress is in the WATER!!!!"  LOL... It was so funny, so we had to calm them down by saying that everything is ok and that we're meaning to do this and had to explain to them that we are "trashing my dress!"  After coming home to my mother-in-law who graciously watched our girls for us, I truly felt like I just came back from another perfect wedding with my hubby.  :)  I was really about to trash my dress in the dumpster, when he said, "NOOO!!!!!  We are going to do it again but with another idea."  So, it's still hanging on our banister and I have no idea what to do with it... I don't think my husband realizes that I'm just too old for this now.  haha!  I thought I would never say such a thing, but really... time is not stopping!  :)  Thank you to everyone involved and especially to my husband who put so much effort into this day even after sleeping at 3:30am after a wedding the night before and still getting up at 7:00am without complaining for our 8:30am session.  Wow... every little thing meant so much to me.  I love you, Craigy Poo....

From Craig:
I am the luckiest man on the planet! Beautiful wife and another baby on the way! The best job in the world making people enjoy their day while documenting it at the same time! LOVE IT! And love you baby!

Enjoy the pics:) And hey if you are thinking of a great idea for your anniversary or just want to get some pics again of you and your significant other, stop by and lets get do it:)

When we got home Emma drew a picture and said "mommy and daddy you look like a queen and a king so I made this for you" Awwwwww!

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Let's play ball!  I know.... you may be thinking why I'm saying that for a wedding blog?  :)  Well, let's remember Lauran and Taylor from last year when we shot their engagement shoot at Turner field... Very cool!  You have not met a Brave's fan until you have met Lauran & Taylor.... Really, they ARE the biggest fans!  I love how they have something so in common.  They really enjoy this game, and I think it's just so neat that a couple not just love each other, but have hobbies that they love together.  Well, it's peak baseball season right now, so I wouldn't doubt it they have already been to a game this year.  :)  Well, enough about the Braves... how about their wedding?  First, they picked such a great venue... I mean, I loved it!  They both looked amazing, and more than anything.... they just simply enjoyed this special day and celebrated it!  They both have such loving families.... I sensed nothing but peace, joy, and happiness, and it just made me think, "you know, this is the way a family should be....".  The bridal party was superb too!  This group just really knew how to have fun... love and jokes and just in the air.  ;)  Lauran & Taylor, thank you for all the hard work and effort that went into making your wedding fabulous.... may you have a blessed marriage for endless years to come.  GO BRAVES!

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He was sooooo excited!

Venue - 655 West
Coordinator - Jennie Tibbitts
Flowers - Faith Designs
D.J. - Mark McCain
Dress - Davids Bridal