Sunday, August 26, 2012


I know… I know… You hear all the time about how I love cultures so much and how I love being married to a Korean wife, etc… But, I can't help it!  I just do!  :)  Well, so I am a bit biased about other multiracial couples, so when I met Heather & Jorge, I just fell in love with them!  So, Jorge is Guatemalan… I've actually been there twice years ago and loved it!  It's so awesome to me that they get to travel so much to that country and just experience life outside of the states.  I so wish that Korea was closer so that I could go.  But, one day, baby, one day!  I truly enjoyed all the time that we spent together at Piedmont with this couple.  They are young and just fun!  I respect how they can juggle all the things in life. They really have a bright future ahead of them, and I just can't wait for their wedding in May!  What a great time of the year to get married guys!  You picked a wonderful date, but more than anything, you picked a wonderful future spouse for yourselves.  Thx for a great time and for the smiles!  You made it easy for me as the photographer!  Have fun with the rest of the planning, and we will see you again before you know it!

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I thought I would never say this, but I must… yes, Facebook has really brought the world together.  :)  About four years ago, my wife started doing Facebook, and at first, I didn't know what to think of that especially when one night, she stayed up 'til 3am!  LOL  Then, she started telling me how she found this person and that person and how she got connected with certain people.  Then, one day, she told me about Kate.  She couldn't believe that she reconnected with her…. She began telling me of how they went to school since middle school from Augusta, GA.  After graduating from high school, they moved to Atlanta and began their college career at GA Tech and lived just down the hall in their dorm.  My wife's roommate was their mutual friend.  She went on and on about how Kate has always been so sweet; not just to her, but to everyone.  She's one of those people that treats everyone the same and how she's the same with everyone.  She's constant.  So, there was integrity behind this person's character, I gathered, and I knew that my wife was so happy to begin a friendship with someone like that again because she's always been and still is fond of people with that type of character.  Well, I slowly started getting into photography, and so did Kate!  We didn't know until she asked a question about a camera lens one day through my wife.  Knowing that this was a growing passion of hers as well, we began to meet once our business started rolling.  She began coming out to shoots as a second shooter and is now one of our most loyal and dependable photographer on our team.  It's funny how my wife met her long after I met her though… So through the love of photography and Facebook, we began developing a good relationship with one another.  There are so many things that we all had in common too!  We have 2 kids around the same age (although we are now pregnant with our third, so Kate, you can join the club soon if you'd like hehe) and we are all happily married!  So, we knew that for us to get closer, we had to meet her husband one day!  Well, we decided to have a double date (baby-free) one evening and shared dinner and dessert together, and we truly had a blast.  We definitely need to do that again!  There are more things, but it would take me all night to write it all, but to make the long story short, we asked Kate to help us for our trash the dress session back in Spring.  She of course was such a great help and a pleasure to be around and then we learned that her 10th year anniversary was coming up!  WOW!  To have a peer celebrating 10 years of solid marriage was definitely very cool, and we were just so happy for them.  We immediately asked if they'd like to do a trash the dress session for themselves in August when it's their actual anniversary.  She agreed, and here we are now…. Below are pictures of this beautiful couple with two absolutely adorable children celebrating everything that they've been through all these years together…. from the good and the bad, to the beautiful and the ugly, from all the laughter and the tears, the mountains and the valleys… They've been through it all together unconditionally, and we honor them for that!  Kate and Andy were such troopers through the whole photo session and through all the ideas that we had.  Modeling is not easy especially when you have to go down a pool with a wedding dress on!  I know Kate could tell all of you many stories about these shots.  ;)  Thank you, Kate & Andy, for modeling to the rest of us not just for these pictures, but to show us what marriage is about!  We are so happy for you, and we can't wait to do another trash the dress session with you for your 20th anniversary!  :)  You guys were a blast!  Enjoy the pics….

This is where stuff got really fun! Playing in the water:)