Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Oh my gosh this was a fun day. They looked fabulous! Here is just a glimpse.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Caleb & Victoria... I met both of these amazing individuals through our youth ministry.  Caleb played the drums, and Victoria served through Master's Commission.  When I heard they started dating, what great news this was!  I never knew they even had interest in one another, so it was very sweet to see them together, and of course, when their engagement was announced, we knew that it was going to be BEST wedding ever!  But, then we heard another news... news that you don't hear everyday.  News that are so hard to believe.... News that make your whole community come together.  An accident occurred to Caleb last year while he was trying to help someone on the road.  A kind act that shattered his leg... so badly that it got amputated.  It was very tragic, but the greater testimony was how they handled it and overcame and are still overcoming the challenges and rejoicing in them at the same time.  This couple has inspired so many about how to love unconditionally and before their marriage has even begun, their love for one another has been so inspiring and admirable.  Their faith is like solid rock... Nothing can shake them.  Because of these circumstances, we had to postpone some planning, and when I got to meet them to talk about their wedding day and photography, I just couldn't believe the journey that they have already gone through and how incredible their future is going to be.  It made me reflect on my marriage as well and how we really need to be thankful for each day... you really never know what tomorrow may bring.  We're so honored to be photographing their upcoming wedding next month and are so grateful that they are excited for us to capture the memories even more so because our girl is going to be their flower girl!  My wife is very excited about that!  :)  Caleb & Victoria, enjoy your engagement photos... We know that you will cherish them!  You guys are beautiful people that made my job easy.  Your wedding is going to be gorgeous! For more information on our wedding and engagement packages, visit

Monday, January 23, 2012


I love people who love pictures! Phuong is definitely one of them... We did two sessions with this family in only few months... You may remember her beautiful daughter and handsome boy from our previous blog. I mean, how can you not remember?? They are just so cute and adorable! I love how this family interact with one another. It's just amazing to see families laugh and smile, having fun and justing going with the moment. The best part was all of us having a quick donut at Tie Dye 4 Bakery after it was all done. MMMMMMM…… Donuts! :)

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Sunday, January 15, 2012


WOW! How awesome are these two! You guys were troopers. I can't wait for you to see them all.
Full story soon!

Friday, January 13, 2012


I WAS SO EXCITED WHEN I HEARD OF AJ'S AND JUSTIN'S ENGAGEMENT!  CAN YOU TELL?  HUH, HUH?  :)  My wife and I were so happy to hear of this great news... but, when we heard that they wanted to book with us, I was just stoked and yes, honored... I've known AJ & Justin about 10 years now and let me just say that we have many memories together. The good, the bad, the sad and the glad... Many things can happen in a decade!  I went to school with Justin, roomed with him and now work with him.  He is very passionate and just full of character and personality.  And, AJ?  I go way back with her too!  She was one of the first person I met when I came to the good ole US of A (yes, I'm Canadian), and I was thankful that I got to meet such a wonderful person.  I soon met her whole family... the Lawrence Family!  Then, I kept meeting her family... there were so many of them!  :)  And, each one of them had such a talent especially in music.  And, let me tell ya.... It's some serious talent, and so it's so surprise that she's marrying a musician as good as Justin.  He's one of the best drummers I know.  Her family are all so friendly, bright, and just simply fun to be around.  Now, with all those things combined as a couple, you can imagine the power this unity has!  When we met for their engagement shoot, IT WAS COLD!  I'm from Canada, but being in the south has really made me southern, and I just can't take the cold too well anymore.  But, did that get in their way?  Um... NO.  They were just one of those people who really knew how to pose naturally, and just enjoy one another.  All I had to do was capture it and just have fun.  We all just couldn't stop laughing, laughing, and yeah, laughing.  AJ & Justin, you guys are truly awesome, and once again, I'm VERY happy for you both and can't wait for your wedding and to witness what your future marriage holds.  Blessings to you guys, and thanks for an amazing time.

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