Saturday, April 13, 2013


When you meet "the one" and then get married, you truly become "one" in every way.  It's amazing how without even knowing, you get so influenced by your loved one's hobbies, the way they speak, the way they eat, what they eat, the expressions they make, etc….  After being married for a little over 7 years now, my wife and I have realized how much we like what the other person likes… things that we never have thought of having interest in before we got married.  Let me tell you… before I met my wife, I had no interest in musicals or anything broadway related, but my wife is a huge fan, and now, so am I!  I can't wait for the next musical, and I can't believe that Les Miserables is now my fav movie.  :)  And my wife, never would've wanted to sit and watch a documentary or watch any reality TV shows, but now, she absolutely loves them and can't wait for the next "Survivor" episode.  :)  I think that's one of the beauties of marriage… just sharing each other's interests and joys and wanting to share what makes you happy with them.  I recognized this aspect of relationships with Kelly and Fred from when I met them.  See, Fred's favorite hobbies is golf and hunting and now she loves them too:)  When you love someone, you will at least give some things a try, and before you know it, you'll love it too.  :)hehe  You had to be at the wedding to just see how they are just so natural with one another, and they are one of those couples that I can totally see them growing old together.  I loved how they had a live band to show off their moves on the dance floor all night, and oh!  I see where Fred got his moves from!  His parents!  Yes, he definitely has the coolest parents in the world, and I hope to dance like that at my kids' weddings too!  They were surrounded by supportive family and friends, and it was encouraging to see such a tight community around them that will help and support their journey in life.  Kelly and Fred, your wedding was just awesome!  I truly mean it… from your wedding dress to the flowers, to your awesome bridal party to your family and friends celebrating with you, you guys are going to have an amazing marriage that will bless so many!  We really enjoyed your wedding so much, and we hope that you will enjoy the pics FORVER!

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Kelly Fred Wedding from Craig Obrist on Vimeo.

Venue - The Foundry Park Inn
Dress - Bride Beautiful
Cake - Henri's Bakery
Flowers - Gardenia Floral Design
Violinist - Athens Wedding Music