Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Joseph & Anna Engagement Session

I was at work one day checking up on an install for new video production equipment... There were few guys there from the install company, and my friend, Nathan, said to one of them "Hey, Craig is a wedding photographer, here check out his work!"
Next thing I know, I was scheduled to meet up with Joey and Anna at a local coffee shop. (Thank you, Nathan!) When they walked in the door, I could tell they were in love. He had a big smile on his face and her the same. The day of the shoot, when we all met (my wife the first time), we hit it off as if we knew each other for years! We are so blessed to meet such nice clients all the time... We had a great time with not just taking pictures, but sharing many stories of one another. It happened to be a day of "dog parade" at Piedmont Park, and we have never seen so many dogs in one place... one of them left a mark by using the potty on one of my softboxes. My wife couldn't pick it up in time (it all happened so fast), but at least we were able to disinfect it when we got home. LOL We can't wait to meet up with this couple again on their wedding day! They are beautiful people who are going to lead a beautiful marriage!


  1. great pics, usual!

  2. Craig you know I am one of your biggest fans... So of course I love your work but these pics are some of your best!!!! I love the new techniques!! :-D Maybe someday soon I will need you to do some pics for me... LOL ;-)