Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Where do I start? The Akright's and we go waaaaaaaaay back. Curtis and I met years ago when I was 20. Wow... that was a decade ago! For years, we did everything together. We were best buds. From school to road trips to Canada and feeding the poor in 3rd world countries. You name it, we did it! Well... almost. :) When we both met the girls of our dreams, we all started becoming friends and were part of each other's momentous days like the days of our proposals and weddings. I was his best man and he was for me. Now, here we are... years later, together, we have five beautiful girls. He has three (2 year old and twin newborns) and I have two... Now, our wives are solid friends and our toddlers are getting there too! We cherish our friendship with them and can only hope that it gets even better. They are truly so dedicated to their children and love their precious girls so much. They are absolutely beautiful and below are pictures to prove it. Curtis and Natalia, we had an amazing time spending time with you guys at the park.... let's do it again soon!

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