Friday, July 22, 2011


We had to have two rounds of Chelsey & Karlton's engagement shoot.... why, you ask?  We got rained out for the first one.... the weather man was way off.  We did not expect that much rain!  Oh my.... it almost flooded!  But, that was the best 30 minutes ever.  Wow!   They were such a fun couple.  I've never met a couple that laughed so much together... I see such a bright future ahead of them.  So, as you can imagine, I was quite disappointed when we had to cancel that day, but was so excited that I got to hang out with them again.  We made sure that there was no rain in sight, and booked another shoot.  Once again, I had a wonderful time, and let me tell you... their laughs are so contagious!  The pictures below will show you that they were open to do anything.  Chelsey & Karlton, I really can't wait for your wedding... It's just going to be perfect.  Thx for a great time!  Enjoy your pics.

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