Sunday, September 25, 2011


Well a while ago there was a women's conference and they were looking for prizes for their giveaways. My wife and I gladly decided to donate a portrait session as part of the prizes. And Sandra was the lucky winner! I am so glad she won too. Her and her son Demetrie were so much fun to be around. He loves and respects her more then any son I have ever met. And she loves her son with all her heart and it showed all throughout the afternoon. It made me want to rush back to Canada to visit my family again:)
Thanks both of you for a wonderful time.

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  1. Craig & Unchong, Demetrie and I had a wonderful time doing the photo session, and from the results of the pictures you are an excellent photographer.  Your generosity has contributed greatly to our memorable moments; you have truly blessed us, thank you.