Monday, December 5, 2011


I got so excited when my wife told me that her cousin wanted some family pictures from us... My wife has always told me the best things about her cousin, Ashleigh.... how she has always looked up to her since she was little, and how she just wanted to be like her! Everything Ashleigh did was "cool"... She was the reason why she even chose to go to GA Tech to pursue her college dreams. She just had to do what Ashleigh did.... It's funny how with many friends around me, it's all about GA Bulldogs, but in my wife's family, you can't even mention UGA because it's all about the GA Tech Yellow Jackets! Ha! Well, I got to really spend some time with Ashleigh and her awesome fam for the first time, and let me tell you... they really are cool! They are one of the sweetest families I've met, and their son is the bomb! He was so cooperative and I really think he has a great potential in modeling. We got to go to some of the best locations yet... wow! Wesley family, thank you for a wonderful time... it's truly a pleasure to call people like you family!

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