Wednesday, May 2, 2012


What did we ever do without the internet? What did we ever do without emails? Well, I can't even remember how I survived without those inventions, but I do remember how I met Janell & David. ONLINE! :) It was about a year ago when Janell emailed us, and next thing I knew, we were going to their wedding! One thing that I'm stoked about their wedding is that it's going to be in Virgnia... I've never been there, and I just can't wait! One thing that you have to know about Janell is that she is very organized. When we were planning her engagement shoot, the thought and planning that went behind every detail was just amazing to me. From their drive down here to their outfits... Did I say outfits? Yes, I think Janell and David are fashionistas! I love their taste and more than anything, they look GOOD in it! Janell & David, thank you for making the time to come to ATL. I truly appreciated all of your effort in making this day happen the way it did, and we had a wonderful time getting to know you. We are looking forward to your beautiful wedding day. See you soon in VA!

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