Monday, August 20, 2012


As mentioned a few times before, we have a special relationship with my wife's best friend, Yuni. Now, when her sister in law, Linda, contacted us to get family pictures done, we were like, "doesn't she live in California?". Well, yes, she still does, but she was coming down for a couple of weeks to spend some time with her fam during the summer and wanted to get pictures done with extended family as well. We were so honored when we heard this great news!  This was my first time meeting Linda, and what a sweet family she has. They have 3 handsome boys, and I wish I had the courage to travel with three kids on the plane!  I'm so impressed. Since we've had kids, we've not put them on a plane   Ever... My wife and I are too scared to. Lol  And wow!  All the kids behaved so well... I had such a wonderful time with this family again... I mean, what did I expect Yuni and Jimmy's family to be like?  I knew that they would be so pleasing to be around as much as they are. It was so awesome to capture such an "inside and out" beautiful family. I even had a glimpse of my future, and it was good!  Min's, thank you for once again making us be a part of your family photos!

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