Sunday, March 3, 2013


I love working with people who just know what the want!  From the moment Betsy contacted us, I knew this was going to work out well!  She just had it all planned out!  She had such a clear vision of what she wanted for her day, and here we are now sharing the images from her picture perfect wedding day. Betsy asked how lanterns would work and what a great idea that was!  When I think of lanterns, I always think of the movie, "tangled", and it was so funny that Betsy watched it when we mentioned it to her. :) That is definitely our family's fav disney movie. :) We had such great time lighting those and watching them float away......!!!!  I also loved Betsy's unique wedding dress and how those blue shoes went so well!   Just loved how this couple were just so down to earth and enjoyed each other... They were so relaxed and just had fun!  And the coolest thing about this couple is that Betsy's now hubby's name is Craig. :) hehe j/k... That's almost the coolest thing. :) Seriously though, I loved how they just love to laugh together... Their love for one another really shines through and I was reminded that it's all about the simple things in life.  Betsy and Craig, you guys were so wonderful to work with, and I know that your marriage will be filled with joy and happiness!  Thank you for such a great day!  Enjoy the pics forever!

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  1. I was so happy to be able to view your beautiful wedding photos. Whata perfect day for all of you to remember. :.), Karen

  2. Absolutely beautiful pictures - congratulations Betsy!