Sunday, May 26, 2013


So, I'm sure you've heard that rain on your wedding day is for good luck?  Whatever you want to call it, it really was true for my wife and I.  On our wedding day, it rained cats and dogs… ALL DAY LONG!  From the beginning of the day when my wife drove to her salon at 6 in the morning til it all ended in the evening around 5, it just didn't stop… It was so cold and windy on top of that.  We couldn't get not even one picture outside… It was a beautiful day before and a beautiful day the day after.  BUT!  Yes, there's always a but.  :)  We do remember that, but more than anything, we remember those weather conditions not bothering us at all.  We both had a positive attitude and we didn't let that affect our most precious day of our lives.  We had SO MUCH FUN, and if rain really does mean anything, we felt God's blessings pouring out through those rain drops.  Here we are over 7 years later, with 3 beautiful kids enjoying marriage and our family more than ever.  I say all that to introduce Jess & Kyle to you all… We kept checking the weather, and rain was just going to come on their day.  It's something that you have no control over, so why get all down about it, right?  Well, I love how just like the way my wife and I did, Jess & Kyle chose not to let those things bother them and as you can see in the pics below, they just had the time of their lives and loved on one another.  We got to go to the Buford Community Center for their portrait session and First Look, and wow… when Jess walked down those stairs to meet her groom for the first time, I could just see Kyle's heart about to pop out!  Watching couples who have been waiting for this very moment all their lives finally coming to existence is just priceless.  As he turned around to see his flawless bride and tearing up got me choked up too!  Everyone in their wedding party was so cooperative and great to work with.  They really have amazing friends and a solid community around them.  That truly shows that they're such great friends to them as well… We started the day off at her home where Jess began getting ready with her bridesmaids… She was a little nervous, a little anxious, a little of every emotion possible was probably being felt as she was perfecting herself to see her awaiting groom.  Just think about how much time and thought went into every detail… her dress of course, her earrings, her flowers, the way she was going to do her hair, her perfume, her shoes… All the big and little decisions coming together on this day that they've planned for months is now really here!  When we all saw them see each other and were just smiles, we knew that they knew all these decisions were simply right.  I loved the colors that she picked out for her bridesmaids!  It went so well with the spring season and the contrast in the flowers just made the pictures 'picture perfect'.  :)  And, what an awesome venue they picked out!  Ashton Gardens is a new venue in Sugar Hill and it was just beautiful… I work with Jess during the week at our church, so seeing a lot of people that I knew and are friends with at this wedding made it all the more fun for me as well.  I must say, some people just love to dance…. Yes, you, Nathan Williams.  :) LOL Jess & Kyle, we are SOOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for letting me be a part of your fabulous day, and I pray for continued pouring of God's blessings upon your lives.  You guys did a fantastic job in planning everything, and we hope that you'll cherish all the moments captured for all the days to come in your marriage, but more than anything that you never forget to cherish one another.  It was an honor to serve you, and we hope that you'll come back to us for any future photographic needs like your first baby portraits.  ;) hehe I know, no pressure… take your time, but those babies sure are cute.  LOL  But, be aware… you will be getting the question, "When are you going to have a baby?" more than you heard, "When are you getting married?"  :)  So, get ready.  :)  We congratulate you guys from the bottom of our hearts… HAPPY MARRIAGE!

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Jessica Kyle Wedding Slideshow from Craig Obrist on Vimeo.


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