Friday, July 12, 2013


Sitting here gathering some thoughts of how I should start this blog post, I've just realized that it's been almost 10 years since I've been knowing this family… the Bagwell's!  Wow… almost a whole decade!  Gosh, I'm really getting old!  LOL  There are so many reasons why this family is so special to us personally and professionally.  Personally, we've been working together for all those years and have some great memories together especially after our first kids were born.  They're only 2 months apart, so we were able to relate a lot on many things.  Professionally for us as photographers, they are one of the very first families that we shot portraits for.  Their encouragement and support from the beginning has always meant so much.  It's been awhile since their last session, but they still 'got it!' They're all so natural in front of the camera, and it really makes my job pretty easy!  The only difference this time is how much their son has grown up. Goodness…. I remember seeing him when he was first born when we visited the hospital.  Look at him now… just unbelievable!  He has incredible parents who dearly love him and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE is expressed in every single one of the pictures below.  Love the vibrant, happy, summer colors that they chose…. Jon & Steph, thanks so much for coming back to us again for your family portraits!  We hope that you enjoy them all… you guys are one adorable family, and it shows!  :)

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