Sunday, September 5, 2010


      I have finally done it. After all my hard work and schooling I have finally made it all the way! I am now 30 years old!
     Of course I know a lot of you are saying "you don't act it!" and your absolutley right. My wife threw me the best birthday party ever! It all started with two of my really great friends Rolando and Jose stopping by to take me on a surprise adventure. If there is one thing my wife does well for birthdays it is an adventure journey for the day. Every year is something different.
      This year as Rolo, Jose and I drove up to the airport I knew exactly what i was in for. Harry, our pilot, put us in his helicopter and off we went to go take a look at Stone Mountain. From the air it looks more like a pebble. It was AWESOME!!
Next as I got home I came in to see a Trai Watson with Taste & See Catering cooking up a storm with steak and Salmon. By 6:30 our house was filled with my best friends. We had an awesome time. Played some games and watched as the kids would eat every piece of candy we had in the house.
      I just want to say thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes and for coming. Those on facebook and Twitter thank you as well. And to my beautiful wife and baby girl Emma. Thank you both for making this the best birthday I could have ever had!

My family in Canada decided to suprise me with a crazy iChat message.


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