Sunday, September 12, 2010


Okay. So Many of you probably don't listen to Brian Regan so you probably don't get the title of this post and now you are probably going to check him out. Anyways. This post is not about the comedian but rather about a little girl with a beautiful smile and some super talent! Kalaih.
Her mother asked me to take a quick few shots of her. I have to say that this was so much fun. She knew every cheer right down to the pom pom shakes. Best of all she couldn't stop smiling and laughing! Look out world cause here comes Kalaih!


  1. Ok.... As the mother of this adorable little princess, I am totally smilimg form ear to ear... My cheeks hurt... She looks great! I had no idea that this photoshoot would be this cool! I was not pleased with the photography offered elsewhere, so I reached out to Craig thinking I would get just a few cute shoots, but what I received was over and above all my expectations! I highly recommend Craig and his team for any and all of your photography needs... Yes look out world, here somes Craig Obrist Photography!