Friday, October 1, 2010

FUSION BAND "The Album Cover"

A while ago I got the sweet opportunity to take the pics for an album that came out by "FUSION BAND". The album finally came out a few weeks ago and I got the okay to finally post some images. It was so awesome to head out to an abandoned warehouse and slam out some awesome images for them. I wish you could have seen the behind the scenes for this. So much set up for the cover but thanks to the band for your help and to the volunteers as well. You need to check out their music for sure. The album also features a new song by Montell Jordan called "F.L.H."
Thanks guys you rocked it out of the park. (that pun was intentional)

I also shot a cover for a self titled album by Christian Lewis. This album came out a year ago but I just remembered that I never got a chance to post some images. We woke up at 4am to get out and set up as the sun came up. We almost didn't make it too.


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