Saturday, October 30, 2010


The minute I started talking to Derrick and Keisha was the minute I realized that this was going to be a fun day! Every time I looked they were all giddy and laughing. They are so in love! Every time she looks at him he can't wipe the smile off of his face. :) Derrick hums the best jazz I have ever heard too. I can't wait till next year for their wedding... it's going to be sweet!


  1. Craig,

    These were masterfully done, and accurately represent the joy and happiness we feel in having found each other!

    Great photojournalists bring love to life with rich and harmonious tapestries that show what we are feeling. You seem to know what we feel very well and reflected it powerfully in our shoot! Thank you for boldly walking the untrodden path!

  2. I knew you would find the right person to share happiness with. I am happy for both of you
    (even though I don't know her). The photos depicts the love you have for each other. Don't forget to send an invitaion.

    John D. Bonaparte
    2353 Governor Richardson Road
    Summerton, SC 29148

  3. Derrick and Keisha, these photos are absolutely gorgeous. They seem so alive and real-time even when viewing them on the computer well after your photo shoot. Craig's gift is absolutely amazing. So excited about your upcoming wedding. Derrick you truly deserve this happiness.

    Wendy 'P' Coleman Blue